Treatment of Advanced Bladder Cancer

  • Mark S. Soloway
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As we analyze our “progress” in the management of patients with bladder cancer with particular emphasis on patients with invasive tumors (T2+), we are keenly aware of our limited ability to cure the disease at this stage. Since we seem to be altering the natural history of the disease for patients identified with superficial bladder cancer we must focus some of our effort on earlier diagnosis and initiation of therapy. A recent report by Kaye et al.,[1] indicated that a high percentage of patients with invasive bladder cancer were first seen by a physician when tumors had already infiltrated. Since this data has important implications I sought to see if our patient population at the University of Tennessee Center for the Health Sciences and associated hospitals was similar. The primary question we sought to ask was “When do patients with advanced bladder cancer first seek medical care? How many with invasive tumors were initially diagnosed with superficial tumors?”


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