Neutrino-Electron Scattering

  • Klaus Winter


The first experimental observation of a weak neutral-current phenomenon was on the scattering of (\( \overline \upsilon \) #x03BC;) on electrons ten years ago by the Gargamelle Collaboration at CERN1). Further observations, in particular on semileptonic neutral-current neutrino interactions2) and on the scattering of polarized electrons on deuterium3), have by now lent strong support to a unified gauge theory of the weak and the electromagnetic interaction as proposed by Weinberg and Salam. The main goal of pursuing the study of neutrino scattering on electrons is to determine the coupling constants of the leptonic weak neutral current, thus avoiding the ambiguities inherent in the use of hadronic targets. Until now, however, the extremely low cross-section has drastically limited the number of observed events, as illustrated in Tables 1 and 2. Taking all experiments together, about 100 events have now been observed in each channel.


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