Detection of Trends in Monitored Variables

  • J. A. Blom
  • J. A. F. de Ruyter
  • N. Saranummi
  • J. E. W. Beneken


When Taylor (1976) said that “clinical decisions are made more on the basis of trends than on absolute values” he expressed a feeling that probably most clinicians share. Monitoring is of greatest importance in physiologically unstable patients, when instantaneous values alone are not sufficient. In this monitoring environment the occurrence of a trend may signify a deteriorating condition, and need of therapy to reverse the trend. Alternatively, a favourable trend can indicate the success of a therapeutic intervention.


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  • J. A. Blom
  • J. A. F. de Ruyter
  • N. Saranummi
  • J. E. W. Beneken

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