Dynamic Thermal Analysis Characterizations of Electron-Beam Cured Adhesives

  • F. J. Campbell
Part of the Polymer Science and Technology book series (POLS, volume 29)


Continuous scans of modulus versus temperature utilizing the DuPont Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA) has provided a comparison of the high temperature service capabilities of radiation-cured experimental formulations of a vinyl-modified epoxy resin, Shell Epocryl-12. These scans were compared to data obtained when the same materials were applied as adhesives on aluminum test panels, radiation-cured with an electron beam, and lap shear strength tested at discrete temperatures. The DMA instrument utilizes a thin rectangular specimen for the analysis, so specimens can be cut from blocks or from flat sheets. In this case the specimens were cured as sheets of resin-saturated graphite-fibers. The same order of high temperature stability was obtained by each method. However, the DMA method provided a more complete characterization of temperature performance in a much shorter test time and thus, it can be very useful for quick analyses of formulation and processing variables in many types of materials optimization studies. The paper will present details of this study with illustrations of the comparisons.


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