Pregnancy and Sarcoidosis

  • John F. Metcalf


Sarcoidosis is an interstitial lung disease that affects patients in younger age groups, many of whom are women in the childbearing years. The major lesion of sarcoidosis is a cellular process that results in pulmonary granulomas and alveolitis. Although the course of pregnancy and labor in patients who have sarcoidosis is usually successful, there are certain minimum criteria that are necessary for successful completion of the pregnancy and labor. These clinical criteria are set forth, and the use of oxygen during labor is discussed. Those patients with severe progressive disease requiring high doses of corticosteroids and/or marginal requirements for completion of pregnancy should be counseled concerning risks.


Interstitial Lung Disease Pulmonary Infiltrate Cardiac Sarcoidosis Erythema Nodosum Pulmonary Sarcoidosis 
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