Pathogenesis of Valve Calcification

Comparison of Three Tissue Valves
  • Hiroaki Harasaki
  • James T. McMahon
  • Nose Yukihiko


Since glutaraldehyde was introduced in preservation of tissue valve prostheses in 1969 [5], the durability of these valves has greatly improved. However, the problem of degeneration and calcification continues to complicate the use of various glutaraldehyde-fixed tissue valves [2,3,7,9,10,15,16,18,22,25], especially following implantation in children and adolescents [4,6,8,11,17,24,26-28]. In the younger patient group, it is indicated that less than 50% of valves remain functional after 5 years of implantation [6]. Elevated heart rate and calcium turnover appear to be the causative factors in early calcification, although no clear- cut evidence has been offered. Renal failure may also render the patient more vulnerable to calcific complication [9,15,17,19], although its etiology has not been established.


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  • James T. McMahon
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  • Nose Yukihiko
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