Smectic Liquid Crystals

  • S. Chandrasekhar
Part of the Physics of Solids and Liquids book series (PSLI)


Consider a smectic A structure in which each layer is in effect a two-dimensional fluid with its director normal to the layers. If we assume the layers to be incompressible, the integral\( \frac{1}{a}\int_P^O {n.dr} \) represents the number of layers crossed on going from P to Q, where a is the layer thickness. In a disclination-free sample this number should be independent of the path chosen so that ∇ × n = 0. Hence n. ∇ × n = 0 and n × ∇ × n = 0. In other words both twist and bend distortions are absent and only the splay term remains in the Frank free-energy expression.


Entropy Torque Coherence Compressibility Cyano 


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