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Comprehensive Questionnaire Tests on Alcoholism

  • Heinrich Küfner


In administering questionnaire tests in the field of alcoholism we can first differentiate alcohol specific and non specific questionnaires as for instance the MMPI, which is also in studies of alcoholism the most frequently applied test. I do not refer to non specific alcohol questionnaires with which generally personality questionnaires are meant. First I would like to give a short overview of alcohol specific questionnaire tests which are comprehensive in the mind that they contain several dimensions of alcoholism or they encompass psychological and physical clinical variables. In relation to alcohol specific tests there are as far as I know 2 reviews about questionnaire tests on alcoholism by Jacobson (1976) and by Miller (1976). But both do not have regard to newer questionnaires (see also Küfner and Feuerlein 1983).


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  • Heinrich Küfner
    • 1
  1. 1.Max-Planck-Institut für PsychiatrieMünchen 4OFederal Republic of Germany

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