An Electrochemical Approach for the Solution of Cardiovascular Problems

  • Supramaniam Srinivasan


Thrombosis, an in vivo reaction at the blood vessel wall (or prosthetic material)/blood interface, has been the subject of investigations for over 150 years. It involves a series of reactions of blood coagulation factors and of blood cells, particularly platelets. The conventional approach in blood coagulation studies is the hematological one which, however, provides insights on the possibilities of electrochemical pathways for the thrombosis cascade. For a little over 30 years, detailed studies on blood vessel walls, blood cells, prosthetic materials, and blood coagulation factors using electrokinetic and electrode kinetic techniques have been carried out to unravel the intermediate steps in the thrombosis cascade. Most of the studies have been carried out in vitro but have necessarily also involved in vivo experiments coupled with clinical investigations. To provide a fundamental bioelectrochemical viewpoint to the reader, this chapter is presented in somewhat of a reverse order of the historical one, i.e., adsorption and charge transfer reactions of blood coagulation factors→electrokinetic characterization of the blood vessel walls and of blood cells→interactions of anti- or procoagulant drugs with the vascular components→selection of conducting and insular materials for vascular and heart valve prostheses.


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