Renal Involvement in Vasculitic Syndromes in Children

  • Norman J. Siegel
  • Karen M. Gaudio
Part of the Developments in Nephrology book series (DINE, volume 17)


The nomenclature and classification of the vasculitic syndromes are bewildering. The term, vasculitis, is used to describe a wide variety of clinical disorders of diverse presentations and differing etiology (Figure 1). The common denominator for each of these entities is inflammation and necrosis of blood vessels. Although the kidney may be involved in disorders of larger blood vessels, such as polyarteritis, renal involvement is much more of a clinical component in small vessel vasculitis. In these disorders, inflammation and necrosis affects primarily glomerular capillaries and renal biopsy specimens will demonstrate a focal necrotizing glomerulonephritis (1). Necrosis of the glomerular capillary wall results in exudation into Bowman’s space and stimulates crescent formation. Within the same biopsy specimen, lesions of differing age and severity are characteristic as is some interstitial inflammation. This interstitial infiltration consists of eosinophils, plasma cells and lymphocytes. The lesions which are seen on light microscopy are non-specific and occur in a number of different syndromes (1).


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