The Use of Nude Mice to Ascertain the Malignant Capacity of Human Colon Cancer

  • Ian R. Hart
Part of the Developments in Oncology book series (DION, volume 42)


The metastatic behavior of 14 cell lines derived from 13 individual human tumor cell lines (six of which were colon carcinomas) have been assessed in athymic, nude mice. Many of these lines produced lung metastases after intravenous injection (experimental metastasis) and subcutaneous injection (spontaneous metastasis) into nude mice; however, the most dramatic expression of metastatic behavior was obtained after the injection of tumor cells into the spleens of recipient mice. With this route of cell inoculation, large tumor deposits frequently were found in the liver, the lungs, and the mesenteric and omental lymph nodes. Injection of human tumor lines into the spleens of athymic, nude mice appears to be a novel way of ascertaining the malignant capacity of neoplastic cells.


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