C.T. Scanning in the Pre-Operative Assessment of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

  • Peter Goldstraw
Part of the Cancer Treatment and Research book series (CTAR, volume 28)


Computerised tomography of the thorax has been in clinical use for almost a decade [1] and yet still we do not have a complete appreciation of its value in the surgical assessment of non small cell lung cancer. In the early years the cost of the equipment, at that time unproved, limited the availability of scanners and access to them. There was a need to develope the basic techniques and those of contrast enhancement. Clinicians and radiologists were learning together, often mesmerised by the detail shown by this technique, perhaps making interpretations without critical assessment. Where assessment was made, technological innovation often outstripped us, providing newer and faster scanners and making clinical studies obsolete before publication. The clinician caught in this technological maelstrom is only now regaining his balance and coming to appreciate that sophisticated technology cannot overcome the basic physical limitation of X-rays — they show densities, not histology. Armed with this basic cynicism, let us now look at what C.T. scans can tell us about the patient with presumed or proven non-small cell lung cancer (N.S.C.L.C.) being assessed for surgery.


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