Hepatic Artery Infusion (HAI) For Hepatic Metastases in Combination with Hepatic Resection or Hepatic Radiation

  • H. W. Merrick
  • R. R. DobelbowerJr
  • J. F. Ringleint
  • R. T. Skeel


Hepatic metastasis is the major cause of death in advanced cancer of the colon and rectum. Survival after the diagnosis of liver metastases ranges from 3–12 months (4,6,7,14). Various modes of therapy have been attempted with only partial success. Resection of isolated hepatic metastases has yielded a 15–30% five year survival (1,3,12,13). Intraarterial infusion chemotherapy using an external catheter has been performed by several investigators with response rates of 50–60% (2,8,15,16). Survival, however, averages only 8 1/2 to 10 months, which is not significantly different from historical controls. The major problem with this therapy appears to be technical difficulties related to the external pump and catheter and the resultant necessity to terminate the intra-arterial chemotherapy (10). Radiation of the liver as an adjunct to hepatic infusion therapy has been utilized (5).


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