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Dietary Fiber, Sucrose, and Serum Lipids

  • Margaret J. Albrink
  • Irma H. Ullrich


The best known effects of diet on serum cholesterol were elaborated during a series of experiments on adult men carried out by Keys and others during the 1960s (Keys et al., 1965; Anderson et al., 1973). The conclusions reached from these experiments were that saturated fat was the most powerful cholesterol-raising dietary component, dietary cholesterol having a small additional effect, and polyunsaturated fat having a cholesterol-lowering effect about half as effective as the cholesterol-raising effect of saturated fat. Pectin, certain vegetables, and plant sterols were also found to have a cholesterol-lowering effect. Most of these studies were carried out using diets of usual Western composition, i.e., moderately high in saturated fat and cholesterol. The amount and type of carbohydrate was found to have little or no effect. When an effect was found, sucrose and other sugars had a cholesterol-raising effect compared to starch. By and large, the type of carbohydrate was thought to be of little significance compared to the large effect of type of fat (McGandy et al., 1967). So strong is this impression that in many studies the type of carbohydrate is not even stated.


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