Role of preclinical pharmacology in phase I clinical trials: Considerations of schedule-dependence

  • Jerry M. Collins
  • Brian Leyland-Jones
  • Charles K. Grieshaber
Part of the Cancer Treatment and Research book series (CTAR, volume 36)


Antitumor activity or host toxicity can be increased or decreased by changing the rate of drug delivery. This phenomenon is known as schedule-dependence, and the most familiar examples occur with the use of methotrexate (MTX), fluorodeoxyuridine (FdUrd), and cytosine arabinoside (ara-C). The general motivation for the study of schedule-dependence is to improve the therapeutic index of a drug, i.e., to maximize the ratio of therapeutic effects to toxic effects.


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  • Jerry M. Collins
  • Brian Leyland-Jones
  • Charles K. Grieshaber

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