The treatment of Malignant Melanoma by Fast Neutrons

  • Peter R. Blake
Part of the Cancer Treatment and Research book series (CTAR, volume 35)


Malignant melanoma is posing an increasing problem in the temperate zones as the incidence is rising and the population presenting with the disease is becoming younger [1]. Conventional treatment has involved wide excision of the lesion with skin grafting which has produced high local control rates for small superficial tumors. However, it is not a satisfactory form of treatment for recurrent or deeply infiltrating tumors or for lesions in sites where wide excision would cause disfigurement or morbidity [2]. For tumors such as these and for widely disseminated disease, alternative forms of therapy have been sought for many years. Radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy have all been studied in clinical trials both alone and as adjuvants to surgery.


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