The cDna and a Structural Gene for Rat Liver Cytochrome C Oxidase Subunit VIc

  • Guntram Suske
  • Christel Enders
  • Thomas Mengel
  • Bernhard Kadenbach


In mammalian tissues cytochrome c oxidase is composed of thirteen different subunits (Kadenbach and Merle, 1981; Kadenbach et al., 1983; Mariottini et al., 1986). The three largest subunits, which are responsible for the catalytic functions, are products of the mitochondrial genome (Anderson et al., 1981; Anderson et al., 1982), whereas the ten smaller subunits are encoded by nuclear DNA and synthesized in the cytosol (Kadenbach and Merle, 1981; Wikström et al., 1981). The functions of these small subunits still remain unknown, although regulatory functions were proposed (Kadenbach and Merle, 1981; Kadenbach, 1986). For yeast it was shown, that subunits IV and Vila (yeast nomenclature) are essential for proper assembly of the holoenzyme (Dowhan et al., 1985; Wright et al., 1986).


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