Pericardial Influences on the Right Heart

  • Ralph Shabetai
Part of the Developments in Cardiovascular Medicine book series (DICM, volume 83)


In this chapter the important structural features of the pericardium that influence the anatomy and function of the right ventricle will be summarized. The subject of ventricular interaction will be dealt with only in so much as it is modulated by the pericardium, other aspects of this subject being covered by Dr. Smith and Tyberg in Chapter 3. Likewise, since certain aspects of infarction of the right ventricle may bear a striking resemblance to chronic constrictive pericarditis, this subject will not be dealt with in detail because it is the subject of Chapter 6 by Dr. Isner. The complex shape of the right ventricle complicates analysis of the influence of the pericardium on its size and function. The reader of this chapter therefore needs familiarity with the material contained in the first chapter of this book.


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