Radiobiology of Blood Vessels

Part of the Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes, and Cancer book series (PLAC, volume 5)


Why should the cancer specialist be interested in the radiobiology of blood vessels? This chapter will attempt to answer this question, review the current state of knowledge of vascular radiation biology and suggest directions for future investigations. Radiation effects on normal tissues are divided into two categories based on time of appearance. Acute effects occur during a course of fractionated radiation therapy or shortly thereafter. Late effects occur more than two months after completion of radiation and may appear many years later. Acute radiation damage to normal tissues can be understood in terms of cell proliferation kinetics (1). It results from an imbalance between cell killing and tissue regeneration. The latter may occur by recruitment of quiescent “stem” cells into the cell cycle; shortening of the cycle time of proliferating cells; or repopulation of the tissue with cells from outside of the irradiated field. The timing and severity of the acute effects depend upon : (1) transit time for maturing cells within the tissue compartment; (2) dose fraction size; and (3) protraction (the total time in which the radiation is delivered).


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