Unusual Hairpin-Like Conformations of Oligonucleotides Induced by Platinum Anti-Cancer Drugs

  • L. G. Marzilli
  • C. Spellmeyer Fouts
  • T. Page Kline
  • G. Zon
Part of the Developments in Oncology book series (DION, volume 54)


The great efficacy of Pt-anti-cancer drugs1,2 combined with strong The great efficacy of Pt-anti-cancer drugs1,2 combined with strong evidence that these drugs target DNA3 has prompted numerous studies of the binding of Pt complexes to DNA.2,4–7 The principal type of lesion is known to be Pt intrastrand crosslinked GpG moieties.2,4–7 Our finding that active (e.g. cisPt(NH3)2Cl2) but not inactive (e.g. transPt(NH3)2Cl2) compounds induced an unusual downfield 31P NMR signal in DNA8,9 was followed by similar findings for nucleosomes,9 polynucleotides,9,10 and oligonucleotides,11–17 but only for those species with adjacent 6-oxopurine bases. There are well-defined relationships between structural changes and 31P NMR chemical shifts.18 A knowledge of structure is essential for understanding the reason for the potency of this class of drugs.2–16 Indeed, considerable effort has been expended to obtain relevant crystals and only recently has there been some success but with cisPt(NH3)2 adducts of di- and tri-nucleotides.19


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  • C. Spellmeyer Fouts
  • T. Page Kline
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