Fluid and Electrolyte Disorders Associated with Orthotopic Liver Transplantation

  • Alan H. Wilkinson
  • Gabriel M. Danovitch
  • Mathew Mischel
Part of the International Yearbooks of Nephrology book series (IYNE, volume 2)


Following the NIH Consensus Development Conference on Liver Transplantation (1) in 1984 there has been a rapid increase in the use of transplantation to treat end stage liver disease (2). As a result it has become apparent that a more aggressive approach has to be taken towards the medical management of patients who would previously have been considered terminally ill (3, 4). In addition the operative and postoperative periods are characterised by unique fluid and electrolyte problems (5–11). A number of studies (12–18) have shown that pre-existing renal dysfunction has a significant impact on the post-operative prognosis, and that the need for hemodialysis following transplantation is associated with increased mortality. The various phases of the operation itself and the massive blood transfusions produce calcium and acid-base disorders which necessitate careful intra- and post-operative monitoring.


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