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Furred Game

  • Ian McAndrew


In Britain, furred game is confined to very few types: venison, hare and rabbit. I have also included in this section a few recipes on wild boar, not because it is available in the wild in this country, but because it is now being farmed, albeit in limited numbers. In other parts of the world, various animals like bear and buffalo are classed as game. Squirrels are also used for food, more especially in North America than other countries, but even in Britain the grey squirrel is a legitimate quarry, although not many people would admit to having tried it. Unfortunately, the rabbit and to some extent the hare are classed, like pigeon, as vermin, and as such have no closed season. The fact that it is vermin, and of course vulnerable to myxomatosis, has caused the wild rabbit to fall from culinary favour, with most people now probably turning to domesticated rabbits. This is a real shame, for the wild rabbit has a far superior flavour, is very cheap and greatly undervalued. The hare in this country does not seem to be held in the same esteem as it is in the rest of Europe. Venison is therefore probably the most widely used of the four-footed game and is now being farmed in ever increasing numbers.


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