Pathogens and Nematodes of Arthropods and Pathogens of Vertebrates

  • Roy G. Van Driesche
  • Thomas S. BellowsJr.


More than 1500 species of pathogens are known to attack arthropods (Miller et al. 1983). These include bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes. Historical developments in the recognition and understanding of pathogens of arthropods are summarized by Steinhaus (1956) and are briefly reviewed in Chapter 1. Detailed treatment of the taxonomy and biology of arthropod pathogens is given by Tanada and Kaya (1993) and, for nematodes, Kaya (1993). Much of the research on these pathogens is directed at development of methods for their culture, mass production, formulation, and use through augmentation as biological pesticides (see Chapter 11).


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