Esophageal Therapeutics

  • Eugene M. Bozymski
  • Christopher M. Kenney


The advances in therapeutic endoscopy over the last several decades have been impressive and rapid. Progress in endoscopic therapy is expected to continue and esophageal disease will be the target of much of that therapy. The esophagus, being a long, relatively narrow, tubular structure, is particularly suited to endoscopic study and therapies. It is subject to numerous pathologic processes which tend to provoke symptoms that lead the patient to a physician and often then to a gastroenterologist. For example, the proximity of the squamous mucosa of the distal esophagus to the stomach renders it susceptible and vulnerable to acid-peptic injury, which may result in a symptomatic peptic stricture. Also, the collateral circulation that develops in the setting of portal hypertension may result in esophageal varices, which frequently can present with life-threatening hemorrhage. Malignant disease of the esophagus usually presents late, and the gastroenterologist is often involved in the palliation of patients with these tumors.


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