Simulation of Biological Processes and of Health Care Systems: Methodological Problems

  • M. Kotva
Conference paper


The simulation of systems undoubtedly had its beginnings in technical fields. It soon spread, however, to the sphere of the natural sciences and finally it also began to penetrate into the social sciences. In these beginnings, therefore, its application in the field of designing objects predominated, together with the development of methods only for the synthesis of simulation models and their optimisation. Here also lay the source of understanding of the concept of systems simulation in the narrower sense, that is as a method of experiment with the simulation model (possibly including the very creation of simulation models as an application of the method of modelling, but more often spoken of in this context as “modelling and simulation”). This narrowed conception of systems simulation often led, however, during the application of experiments with the simulation model to investigate objects, to certain misunderstandings, mostly of a methodological character. These difficulties also appear in the application of systems simulation to the investigation of biological processes and of systems of health care.


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