Chorionic Villus Sampling

  • James D. Goldberg
  • Mitchell S. Golbus
Part of the Advances in Human Genetics book series (AHUG, volume 17)


The traditional approach to prenatal diagnosis of genetic defects has involved the use of amniocentesis at 16 menstrual weeks to obtain fetal cells for analysis. These cells are cultured for 2–4 weeks in order to provide an adequate number of cells for analysis, resulting in a prenatal diagnosis being made at 18–20 gestational weeks. If the diagnosis of an affected fetus is made, then the parents have as one option a second-trimester termination of pregnancy. This late termination of pregnancy involves increased medical risk to the mother as compared to a first-trimester termination and also causes significant psychological trauma. Because of this, efforts have been directed toward developing an earlier method of prenatal diagnosis.


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