Role of Oncogenes in Hepatocarcinogenesis

  • C. Guguen-Guillouzo
  • G. Baffet
  • P. L. Etienne
  • D. Glaise
  • N. Defer
  • M. Corral
  • D. Corcos
  • J. Kruh


Oncogenes are a set of genes which have been implicated in carcinogenesis. They are activated forms of proto-oncogenes which are part of the genetic complement of all normal cells. These genes are highly conserved during evolution suggesting that they play a critical role in some fundamental phenomena in life.


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  • G. Baffet
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  • P. L. Etienne
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  • D. Glaise
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  • N. Defer
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  • M. Corral
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  • D. Corcos
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  • J. Kruh
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  2. 2.Institut de Pathologie Moléculaire - 24ParisFrance

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