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The Impact of Biodeteriogens on Human Health, Economics, Quality of Life, and The Arts
  • Gerald C. Llewellyn
Part of the Biodeterioration Research book series (BIOR, volume 1)


Change, albeit slow paced and almost invisible at times and drastically evident at other times, appears to be a fundamental concept associatedwith the biotic and abiotic components of the earth. Extra terrestrial data seems to complement this observation also. One could discuss entropy, equilibrium, and enthalpy but our interest centers primarily about breakdown or alteration of matter, in particul ar bio-breakdown. Biodeterioration would be by our definition, the undesirable change, usually caused by microorganisms but not exclusively so. Although fungi and bacteria are often the prime actors in biodeterioration, other organisms such as plants, invertebrates, insects, birds, rodents, and at times even the chemicals in air or water are often included as part of this broad, multi - disciplinary topic. Biodegradation, not to be excluded, but often separated by the “purist” concerns, in my belief, a planned and purposeful breakdown or alteration due to organisms and at times even by chemicals.


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