Plasma Polymer Films for Corrosion Protection of Cobalt-Nickel 80:20 Magnetic Thin Films

  • Hans J. Grlesser


Cobalt—Nickel 80:20 alloy thin films suitable for magnetic data storage were protected against atmospheric corrosion by the application of a plasma polymerized protective layer onto the exposed surface of the Co4Ni film. Coatings were deposited in a custom built reactor onto moving substrate comprising the magnetic thin film on polyester web. Smooth plasma polymer films were obtained from several monomers. Corrosion testing by incubation at 60°C and 90% humidity showed that the plasma polymer overcoat prevented the rapid tarnishing occurring with unprotected Co4Ni films. Optical microscopy demonstrated absence of localized corrosion spots, indicating that the plasma polymer films were pinhole free. The progress of corrosion was monitored by optical absorption spectroscopy; as corrosion produced an increase in the transmission of light through the semi-opaque films, the extent of the corrosive attack could be quantified by measuring the decrease in optical density of the thin magnetic alloy layer. Protection by plasma polymer overcoats of organosiloxane composition produced a substantial reduction in the rate of corrosion of Co4Ni films.


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  • Hans J. Grlesser
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  1. 1.Division of Chemicals and PolymersCSIROClaytonAustralia

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