Methodology is an undervalued area of interest. The term itself has different meanings within the Social and Management Sciences. In the Social Sciences the term is normally applied to the approach adopted in order to generate acceptable knowledge concerning whatever area of the Social world which is being scrutinised. In the Management Sciences the term is more usually applied to the framework of action which is adopted in order to bring about some change in an area of concern. Clearly there is a major difference between a Research Methodology and a Problem-Solving Methodology. However there are also links between the two because a Problem- Solving Methodology may also be employed as a means of inquiry into the nature of that which is being changed. Implicit in any Management Science Methodology is some model or theory concerning the nature of change and the nature of that which is being affected. If such a methodology is indeed effective in bringing about change, and hence solving problems, then there is the possibility of drawing ’weak’ inferences between the ideas implicit in the approach and the reality being grappled with, but this assumes that there are adequate means of assessing and evaluating the results of employing a methodology.


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