A τ-Charm Factory at CERN

  • Jasper Kirkby


We advocate a new experiment at CERN which will perform an extensive programme of precise measurements to confront the Standard Model. The experiment will probe the fundamental constituents υτ, τ and c with a sensitivity which exceeds present data by two-to-three orders of magnitude and, in addition, will make a definitive search for the gluonic matter of QCD. The experiment involves a compact high-resolution detector of advanced technology, integrated with an intense e+e storage ring. The storage ring has a luminosity L = 1033 cm2 s−1 at √s = 5 GeV and delivers data samples per year of 107 τ+τ, 107 c\(\bar c\) or 1010 J/ψ events, with very low backgrounds. The experiment makes extensive use of present CERN infra-structure, such as the LEP e+e injector (LIL, EPA and PS), the ISR transfer tunnels and the ISR experimental area. The experiment can be constructed within a three year period at an estimated cost of 44 MSF for the storage ring and 29 MSF for the detector.


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