DNA Crosslinked by UV Light to the Nuclear Lamina is Enriched in Pulse-Labelled Sequences

  • Z. I. Galcheva-Gargova


The site of DNA replication in eukaryotes has been the subject of controversy. It is becoming increasingly accepted that the replication site is fixed and that DNA is synthesized as it moves through a polymerization complex attached to part of nuclear substructure, called matrix or cage (for review see Berezney, 1985). All recent evidence supporting this view is derived from studies in which cells or nuclei have been extracted in hypertonic salt solutions. The controversy centers on whether the resulting nuclear structures have counterparts in vivo or are simply artefacts and whether DNA is ever associated with the matrix (Jackson and Cook, 1986).


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  • Z. I. Galcheva-Gargova
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  1. 1.Bulgarian Academy of SciencesInstitute of Molecular BiologySofiaBulgaria

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