5S Ribosomal RNA Synthesis in Zinc-Deficient Rats

  • John K. Chesters
  • Linda Petrie


Within a few days of being offered a Zn-deficient diet, young rats show an abrupt decline in growth rate and much effort has been directed to determining which function of Zn is most important in this context. Having reviewed the accumulated evidence, Chesters (1978) suggested that the critical requirement for Zn was associated with the alterations to the genetic expression of cells which occur during the induction of enzymes and the differentiation of tissues. However, low availability of Zn in EDTA-treated lymphocyte cultures resulted in delayed maturation of 32S ribosomal RNA precursor into 28S rRNA and reduced survival of 28S compared to 18S rRNA (Chesters, 1975). This sensitivity of post-transcriptional events to lack of Zn was hard to reconcile with the above hypothesis.


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  • John K. Chesters
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  • Linda Petrie
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  1. 1.Rowett Research InstituteBucksburn, AberdeenUK

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