Quantification of 31P NMR in vivo Spectra

  • T. R. Brown
  • S. J. Nelson
  • J. S. Taylor
  • D. B. Vigneron
  • J. Murphy-Boesch
Part of the Developments in Oncology book series (DION, volume 61)


As exemplified by a number of papers in this volume, the clinical 31P NMR data now available is provocative regarding its diagnostic and therapeutic utility. To validate and extend these early results, spectra must be produced from well-defined locations which can be accurately mapped to anatomical features. These specta need to be quantified reproducibly and accurately. Local sensitivity factors are also required so that absolute concentrations can be obtained. Furthermore, if multi-voxel localization techniques such as chemical shift imaging (CSI) are used, the spectral analysis must be performed automatically since several hundred spectra can be acquired in only a few minutes.


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  • T. R. Brown
  • S. J. Nelson
  • J. S. Taylor
  • D. B. Vigneron
  • J. Murphy-Boesch

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