Adhesives in the Automobile Industry

  • G. L. Schneberger


The automotive use of adhesives is nearly as old as the industry itself. The early wood and canvas bonding agents have been replaced by formulations capable of holding metal, glass, plastics, rubber, and a variety of fabrics to themselves, to each other, and to painted surfaces. They are routinely used in structural, holding, and sealing applications. Automotive adhesives have become increasingly sophisticated and capable over the past twenty years. This trend has been driven by a need to bond new weight-saving and/or corrosion-resistant materials in an ever more health and cost conscious environment. The most significant trends since the previous edition of this Handbook have been the increased use of plastics and galvanized steel, a shift toward the robotic application of adhesives and sealants, and the use of nondestructive testing and statistical quality control techniques.


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