Doppler Ultrasound in Infertility

  • Rajat K. Goswamy


In previous publications I have reported that uterine response to endogenous hormonal changes in the spontaneous ovarian cycle can be demonstrated with use of doppler ultrasound techniques (Goswamy and Steptoe, 1988a and Goswamy et al., 1988b). We demonstrated that uterine perfusion increases in response to rising estrogen levels during the follicular phase, decreases in the preovulatory phase in response to the preovulatory estrogen fall, and increases in the luteal phase in response to the combined effect of estrogen and progesterone. We also reported that in conception cycles uterine perfusion continues to increase in the late luteal phase in contrast with non-conception cycles where there is premenstrual decrease in perfusion as a result of falling progesterone levels, thus postulating that doppler ultrasound techniques could be used to diagnose pregnancy prior to the date of expected onset of menses.


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