The Benefits of Tubal Transfer Procedures

  • John L. Yovich
  • Rogan R. Draper
  • Simon R. Turner
  • James M. Cummins


The PIVET IVF program was established following a successful pilot study in 1980/ 81 but despite increasing experience the annual results failed to improve after reaching a peak in 1984 when the overall pregnancy rate was around 17% and birth rate around 10% of cycles reaching the stage of oocyte retrieval. In fact, a number ofindependent reports from around the world published in die past year1–4 indicated that the live birth rate from IVF procedures was only 9%–10% of retrieval cycles to 1986/7.


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  • Rogan R. Draper
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  • Simon R. Turner
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  • James M. Cummins
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