Membrane Flow and Endocytosis

  • John Davey


It is not my intention for this to be an exhaustive review of membrane transport or indeed of endocytosis. These topics have been dealt with extensively elsewhere and the reader is encouraged to browse through them at their leisure (Anderson and Kaplan, 1983; Goldstein et al., 1985; Silverstein et al., 1977; Steinman et al., 1983; Wileman et al., 1985). What I have tried to achieve is a representation of my personal views of membrane transport: highlighting those aspects of transport that are of particular interest to myself. Since my research interests are largely concerned with endocytosis it is from this pathway of membrane transport that I will draw the majority of examples and evidence. I will however include examples from other transport pathways where they are relevant or where they provide insights into transport events that are not observable on the endocytic pathway.

Such a short review cannot of course be exhaustive and I apologise in advance for any ommissions.


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