Summary of Discussion on Instrumental Requirements for the Evaluation of Advanced Semiconductor Materials by Electron Microscopy

  • J. M. Gibson
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The discussion was divided into three sections: 1) instruments for in-situ studies of surfaces; 2) funding of instruments in Europe and 3) general discussion of instrumentation and post-mortem on the workshop. Thoughout the informal and animated discussions there were several common themes. There was enthusiastic response to the need for in-situ studies: that is the use of the electron microscope as other than a post-mortem method of characterizing structures and more as an experimental tool. This was viewed to be particularly important for semiconductors because of the need for complementary information and well-controlled conditions. The importance of complementary studies of the same sample, whether in-situ or exsitu, was viewed as of paramount importance for progress with semiconductor science, particularly in understanding the relationship between electrical properties and structure. The semiconductor field, despite its “high-tech” image, still relies heavily on empiricism and reproducibility of electrical data is not of the highest level, even in the same lab. As a result, individual microscopists working only on the structural aspects of an otherwise uncharacterized material, will have less of value to contribute than the concerted collaborative effort involving complementary techniques. A final theme arose strongly during funding discussions and that was the need to present a coherent front as a community in stimulating grants.


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