Pumps are mechanical devices that add energy to fluids by changing mechanical energy produced by gasoline, diesel, liquid petroleum gas, and natural gas engines or electric motors to potential and/or kinetic energy. Pumps are used in aquacultural systems usually to increase system pressure and thereby force the water to move against an energy gradient. In most aquaculture situations pumps are used to lift water from one point of elevation to some higher elevation or to convey water from one location to another. Water will flow only when energy is available to cause flow. Pumps are fairly efficient mechanisms for transferring energy to water provided that the correct pump is selected to do the job. The key requirement in pump selection is that there be a close correlation between the aquaculture system requirements and the maximum operating efficiency of the pump. Poor pump selection can result in significantly increased operating and maintenance costs and/or result in system failure.


Diesel Engine Centrifugal Pump Suction Side Specific Speed Mixed Flow Pump 
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