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Characterization of Immune Responses Elicited by an Experimental Facilitated-DNA Vaccine for Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type-1 (HIV-1)

  • M. J. Newman
  • L. Cooney
  • R. Carrano
  • J. Boyer
  • W. V. Williams
  • B. Wang
  • D. B. Weiner
Part of the Nato Science Series book series (NSSA, volume 282)


Vaccination has proved to be among the most successful methods developed for protecting humans and domestic animals from infectious diseases. Vaccines operate by inducing immune responses in the host that limit and ultimately clear infections; they typically do not prevent infections from occurring. Vaccine efficacy is therefore, dependent on the induction of appropriate types of immune responses and on the establishment of immunological memory.


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  • J. Boyer
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  • W. V. Williams
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  • B. Wang
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  • D. B. Weiner
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  3. 3.BRB-1, Dept of PathologyUniv. of Pennsylvania School of MedicineUSA
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  5. 5.Institute for Biotechnology and Advanced Molecular MedicineUniv. of Pennsylvania School of MedicineUSA

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