Endothelial Function and Malignant Coagulopathy

  • N. W. R. Wickham
  • A. Bradshaw
  • J. Evans
  • D. H. Bevan
  • J. Mansi
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Patients with cancer suffer an increased incidence of thrombo-embolic events. This is particularly true of breast, lung, gastro-intestinal, gynecological and prostatic tumors (Jacobs and Yeager, 1986). This risk is further enhanced by metastatic disease and chemotherapy (Goodnough et al., 1984). Many coagulation abnormalities have been detected in these patients, but none have been shown to be predictive of subsequent thrombo-embolism (Nand etal., 1987; Bick, 1978; Nand and Messmore, 1990; Miller and Heilmann, 1988; Zurbon et al., 1990). The fact that thrombo-embolic events often occur or recur despite apparently adequate anticoagulation with warfarin is further evidence of the unsatisfactory nature of conventional assays in indicating thrombotic status in these patients.


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