Coherent Spectroscopy on Quantum Wires

  • M. Bayer
  • T. Baars
  • W. Braun
  • A. Forchel


Low-dimensional semiconductor structures have attracted strong attention during the past two decades [1]. These developments were driven both by the expectation of novel physical phenomena in these structures and by their large application potential. While for quantum wells a detailed understanding of the electronic properties has already been obtained, for quantum wires and quantum dots there is still a considerable lack of knowledge.

In particular, the kinetic processes in these structures have not been very well understood up to now. The spectroscopic technique of four-wave mixing (FWM) has been shown to be a very elegant technique to provide insight into these processes [2, 3, 4]. Most of these studies, however, were done on three- and two-dimensional semiconductor structures. Here we extend these studies to the case of quantum wires. Further, FWM experiments are not capable of giving insight into the carrier dynamics, but they also give insight into the excitonic structure through the observation of quantum beats. In this article we want to review our FWM experiments performed during the last few years and to compare them to studies reported in the literature. For a systematic understanding of the effects of confinement and of dimensionality the size dependence of the physical properties has to be studied experimentally. This possibility is offered by the fabrication of nanostructures by lithographic techniques, which permit one to vary both size and shape of the structures. Here we have investigated InGaAs/GaAs quantum wires fabricated by patterning of quantum well structures by means of FWM.

The chapter is organized as follows: First we will present the results of linear spectroscopic studies on quantum wire structures, and we describe the experimental setup used for the FWM studies. In Section 8.2 we report on the exciton structure in the one-dimensional structure as determined from quantum beat spectroscopy. Section S.3 will be devoted to the study of the scattering of excitons by either phonons or by excitons.


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