Prime Factorization

  • Harvey Cohn
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We consider, as always, a number field k over ℚ generated by ξ εOk the domain of algebraic integers in k. Thus
$$ {\text{K = Q(}}\xi {\text{), }}\xi \varepsilon {O_{\text{k}}},{\text{ F}}\left( \xi \right) = 0. $$
$$ {\text{F}}\left( {\text{x}} \right) = {{\text{x}}^{\text{n}}} + {{\text{a}}_1}{{\text{x}}^{{\text{n - 1}}}} + \ldots + {{\text{a}}_{{\text{n - 1}}}}{\text{x + }}{{\text{a}}_{\text{n}}}, $$
for F(x) an irreducible polynomial of degree n over ℤ.


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