The Nature of Dynamics of Cellular Carbon Dioxide

  • Arthur B. DuBois
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My assignment was to discuss the paper by Dr. Chinard. Unfortunately, Dr. Chinard is not here. But for the last month I have been traveling through France and looking at monuments such as cathedrals, limestone caves, and bones, and began to suspect that they might have something to do with CO2. The cathedral looked too smooth and white to be granite. I determined by scratching it with my fingernail that the cathedral was a soft material more likely to be calcium carbonate. The limestone caves had been eroded by water with CO2 dissolved in it, and the bones were obviously composed largely of CO2, the sole remains of our ancestors of long ago. So I have really been looking at a large pool of CO2 in France. We have been standing, sitting, walking, or living within structures built of CO2. This gets us back to “The nature of dynamics of cellular CO2.”


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