Physical Separation and Kinetics of Colony-forming Cells in Diffusion Chambers in Vivo (CFU-d) and Colony-forming Cells in Agar in Vitro (CFU-c)

  • Niels Jacobsen
  • Hal E. Broxmeyer
  • M. A. S. Moore
Conference paper
Part of the Experimental Hematology Today book series (HEMATOLOGY, volume 1978)


Normal human bone marrow contains cells capable of forming hemopoietic colonies in fibrin clot diffusion chambers implanted into the peritoneum (i.p.) of sublethally irradiated mice (2,5,9,10). Such colony-forming units in diffusion chambers (CFU-d) give rise to neutrophilic, eosinophilic, megakaryocytic, and fibroblast-like colonies, which are usually scored after 14 days of culture (9). The formation of neutrophilic colonies is stimulated when the host mice are irradiated (450 to 600 R) prior to chamber implantation, and the chambers are reimplanted into other irradiated mice after 7 days of i.p. culture (9). This enhancement is due to an effect on precursor cells, which initiate DNA synthesis in cultures in irradiated mice but do not synthesize DNA in non-irradiated mice; they are apparently influenced by diffusible, species non-specific stimulatory or inhibitory host factors (6).


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  • Niels Jacobsen
  • Hal E. Broxmeyer
  • M. A. S. Moore

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