The Ankle Region

  • W. J. Weston
  • D. G. Palmer
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The anatomy of the synovial pouches about the ankle is the key to radiologic diagnosis in this region and must be understood before the soft tissue signs of effusions can be recognized. The synovial membrane and capsule of the ankle joint are in intimate relationship with the deep fascia and the fascia-fat interface on the medial aspect of the ankle joint. The tendon of the tibialis posterior is also closely related to the capsule here. It is in this area that the single tendon divides into its various branches. Space-occupying lesions arising from the synovial cavity are easily studied in this region because there is normally a concavity between the medial malleolus and the talus which is formed by the deep fascia, and which becomes convex when displaced. This can also be demonstrated at postmortem arthrography when the joint cavity is overdistended with a barium sulfate suspension. The distended synovial cavity, outlined by extrasynovial fat, becomes convex in outline (Fig. 7-1).


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