Renal Transplantation in Children

  • Satya N. Chatterjee


Hemodialysis and renal transplantation are now well beyond the experimental stage, and are commonly used in children suffering from end-stage renal disease, who would otherwise die. Between the two accepted modes of treatment, transplantation is the more acceptable (7,12). Chronic dialysis has not proven to be medically or socially acceptable in children with chronic renal failure (12), and transplantation in children has been a part of the clinical practice of transplantation since the early 1960s. Numerous papers have been published of individual series of pediatric patients (1,5,7–9,11,12,19, 22,23). But transplantation of the very young child (under 4) has not kept abreast with the general progress in the field of renal transplantation.


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