Surgery for Obstruction

  • Claude E. Welch
  • Leslie W. Ottinger
  • John P. Welch
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Obstruction of the colon is secondary to cancer in about 80% of cases, to diverticulitis in 15%, and to other causes in the remaining patients. There are some clinical variations in each type. For example, cancer of the right colon may mimic small bowel obstruction. Furthermore, in the presence of a competent ileocecal valve a cancer of the right colon may produce a closed loop obstruction that leads to early gangrene or perforation. Diverticulitis may lead to pure colonic obstruction, pure small bowel obstruction because of adhesive bands to the inflamed colon, or combined large and small bowel obstruction. Volvulus produces a closed loop obstruction in which the hazard of strangulation is high.


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