A Simple Proof of Frobenius Theorem

  • Shiing-shen Chern
  • Jon G. Wolfson
Part of the Progress in Mathematics book series (PM, volume 14)


Frobenius Theorem, as stated in Y. Matsushima, Differential Manifolds, Marcel Dekker, N.Y., 1972, p. 167, is the following:
Let D be an r-dimensional differential system on an n-dimensional manifold M. Then D is completely integrabte if and only if for every local basis {X1,...,Xr} of D on any open set V of M , there are C -functvons c ij k on V such that we have
$$ [{x_i},{x_j}] = \sum\limits_k {c_i^k} {j^{{x_k}}},1 \mathbin{\lower.3ex\hbox{$\buildrel<\over{\smash{\scriptstyle=}\vphantom{_x}}$}} i,j,k \mathbin{\lower.3ex\hbox{$\buildrel<\over{\smash{\scriptstyle=}\vphantom{_x}}$}} r $$


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